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Top Kenyan Photographers to Follow in 2018

Top Kenyan Photographers to Follow in 2018

The Kenyan photography industry seems to be booming with the number of professional and fun photographers growing with each passing day! If you have an eye for good photographs and want your Timeline flooded with quality photos, below is a list of photographers you should follow in 2018:

Mwarv (@Mwarv)

One of Mwarv’s Works (Credit: Mwarv)

Mwarv simply wants to use lenses to change the perceptions out there about Africa.

Mutua Matheka(@truthslinger)


Have you seen some video of a guy climbing Safaricom masts to take photos? That’s Mutua. Born and bred in Machakos then fine-tuned by Nairobi, Matheka has become a globetrotter involved in different projects like ā€˜Iā€™m a City Changerā€˜, African Digital Art, Unscrambling Africa among others!

Japicha (@theMagunga)

Credit: Magunga

Yes, you’re right! He’s the blogger who found out he can shoot light while at it. Explore Kenya with this guy, and with him, you just don’t know what to expect next!

Samir Dave (@Samdave69)

A post shared by Samir Dave (@samdave69) on

Samir is a sunrise and sunset chaser. If you love such kind of photos and generally travel photos, join Samir in his journey or what he calls “The life and times of a civilised hobo.”

Trevor Jerry (@the_mentalyst)

A post shared by TJ (@the_mentalyst) on

He is the Dreamer with a blurry vision. His mission? To translate the world around him. Born and raised in Nairobi, the mentalyst loves to think of himself as a Visual orator and Photography is his voice in this confusing universe.

Tatiana Karanja (@tatianakaranja)

Since first introducing myself into the world of photography with my Nokia phone when I was 12 years old, I found myself experimenting throughout the various types of genres finding that my love for animals, nature and travel all transcend into the genres I’m most interested in photographing. Although I still love to explore and learn from other fields such as fashion, events, sport and studio work.

Armstrong Too

Copyright: Armstrong Too Photography

A Commercial, ads, documentaries and travel Photographer Armstrong describes his Photography as “a calling, my profession, and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane someday if not broke.” He wrestle with every image he shoot. He assumes perfection is possible and wants to wring it out of every picture.

Ben and Gathoni

benkiruthi photography


Do you love weddings? Then follow this couple.
Our wedding (Gathoni & I) was the best day of our lives as we made a promise of love & commitment to each other before our family and friends. Since then I decided to make it my passion to tell amazing love stories.


He simply describes himself as “A photographer with a Soul”. Indisputable, going by his photos!



I’m guessing you’ve heard about Dark Matter Project- Beauty of Man, no? Now you have, visit his tumblr and learn more. Talk of bringing Melanin to light!

Peter Irungu (@Irungu_)


Irungu has an eye for time-lapses, landscape and travel photos. If that’s the passion of your eye, find him and follow him!

Thandiwe Muriu is a Kenyan born photographer passionate about showcasing the diverse textures and tones that give beauty to faces of different social groups across the globe.

Of course they are not the only gems on a camera, if you know one we haven’t found yet, comment below and they will be added to the list!
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