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Moi University graduation to continue, court rules amid missing marks saga.

Moi University graduation to continue, court rules amid missing marks saga.

In his ruling, Justice John Mativo directed the upcoming Moi university graduation to go on as planned.

A group of students had earlier moved to the court intending to stop the graduation scheduled to take place on August 22, 2019

According to Justice John Mativo, the final ruling which will be delivered on August 20 will determine the fate of the students affected by the hitch.

The resentful students, on Wednesday, maneuvered to the university’s administration block voicing their laments and also demanding the inclusion of their names on the graduation list.

The students claimed that, in the chase for their pay and allowances, some of their lecturers deliberately refused to submit student marks.

The school of business was the largely affected faculty.
In the recent past, a similar occurrence was observed in Nairobi University where around 500 students in a particular faculty pooled together their contribution after which they forwarded the total amount to their lecturers for their marks to be released.

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