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Magoha: Some universities are making money offering unapproved courses.

Magoha: Some universities are making money offering unapproved courses.

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof Magoho has informed that some universities are earning lump sum by offering courses that aren’t approved.

According to Prof Magoha, the government had warned the universities, but to date, some institutions of higher learning have still been identified to offer the unapproved courses.

Commission for University Education has been keen to draw a bright line between courses that are yet to be approved and those that are already approved. In spite of all this, some university has failed to abide by the thorough directive.

He said that such courses frustrate students as they waste both their time and calculated effort in the chase for a better life.

Prof Magoha admitted that the education system is still some steps away from attaining little to no loopholes.

He said that his rigorous office will thoroughly make sure Universities don’t offer the unapproved courses which only waste the public.

“I know for sure that there are universities who sit down decide to offer this course, they start teaching it without involving the Commission for University Education or regulator,” said Prof Magoha when he appeared before the Parliamentary Committee of Education.

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