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[How-To] Mass Follow/Unfollow Twitter Followers for FREE

[How-To] Mass Follow/Unfollow Twitter Followers for FREE

Mass following/unfollowing is simply that, following or unfollowing a large number of accounts automatically without having to click on every follow/unfollow button.

This to me is the best way to gain followers or clean your following fast. In this post, I’m going to show you tools you can use to exactly do this.


Tool 1: Robotwity, Twitter Bulk Follow, UnFollow

Robotwity is a chrome extension scripted by OMURTLAK that allows you to do bulk multi follows, unfollows and unfollow users that do not follow you back on twitter. With Robotwity, you can copy someones elses followers. You can also filter users to follow only those with profile picture, or not to follow protected accounts.

For unfollow, you have the options to unfollow only those who don’t follow you back or all your followers, those who you followed a day or more ago and haven’t yet followed you back.

How it works:

  1. Install the extension
  2. Log in to your twitter account
  3. click the Robotwity extension icon Extension your toolbar to launch the extension
  4. Go back to your twitter and go to a user account whose followers you want to follow and click the either “Collect from Friends”, “Collect from followers” or “collect from RT/Likes”.
  5. To collect followers from search terms and hashtag, go to the search page, enter search term and click on the “collect from search” button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Tool 2: Mass follow for Twitter

Mass follow for Twitter
This extension by Clemens Teichmann is a feature-rich extension that you can similarly use to mass follow and unfollow on Twitter.
1. Install extension
2. Log into
3. Go to a page with profiles (followers, following, search, list members, likes/retweets)
4. The buttons “Follow all” and “Unfollow all” should appear
5. Use one of the buttons


Tool 3: Twitter unfollow

mass unfollow twitter
This extension is an easy to use twitter mass unfollow extension that only allows you to unfollow people you follow with just one click.
1. Install extension
2. Go to your profile and click “following” tab.
3.  A “Mass unfollow” button will appear. Click, sit back and watch as magic happens.


Best Practice:

You’re only allowed to follow 1000 users per day. Read carefully the Twitter following rules and best practices. To prevent account suspension/locking do not reduce the follow/unfollow intervals to less that 5 seconds or follow/unfollow aggressively.


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