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[How-To] Gain & Grow Your Twitter Followers for FREE

[How-To] Gain & Grow Your Twitter Followers for FREE

Ever since facebook decided to add algorithms that decide who sees what you post on your page or profile and when, twitter has become the go-to social media platform for business and persons with an agenda to drive which guarantees that everyone who follows you and is online will definitely see your tweet.

Reaching your target needs you to have them following you and that’s the tricky part. If you’re new on Twitter, gaining followers is hard enough, let alone gaining followers who share your interest. Today we’re going to show you some ways you can use to gain followers for FREE, without paying a dime. So, let’s get to it.

1. Follow the Followers.

This one is slow but sure. If you have a new account and want to have a specific type of followers with a certain interest, this is the way to go. It will need you finding an active twitter accounts whose tweets resonate with your interests or a hashtag the interests you and follow those who engage with them(retweets, replies, tweets). This can be done manually(tiring and very boring) or you can Mass Follow Twitter accounts.


2. Be active.

This is more of  a scratch my back, I scratch yours rather than just tweeting all day. Social media becomes useful when you interact with others (hence the name social, get it?). Engage in trending topics that you find interesting or relate to your business. Create polls, reply to other tweeps(Twitter users) who need help, RT useful (or funny) tweets and sometime just have a random conversation with a random tweep. It will go a long way.

3. Have an Up-To-Date Profile

Your profile is the first thing people will see when they visit your account page and the second thing tweeps will want to see when they see your interesting tweet. They might want to see your Bio, location, website, profile picture or cover photo. These things will decide if they will follow you or not. A blank or outdated profile means this tweep is inactive.

4. Use #HashTags

HashTags are like a unique identifier and connector for a certain topic. With just a hashtag, someone who knows nothing about you and lives on the other side of the globe will see your tweet if they clicks on it. Hashtags connects tweeps who have a similar interest on a topic. Trending Topics are just popular hashtag and a certain time. So, if you want to have a greater reach with your tweets, include an hashtag or two in your tweet. One thing to remember though is be interesting, be witty, let your humor or expertise out. Boring tweets even on the number one trending topic will have minimal effect.

5. Follow Trains

This one is for those who just need the numbers, regardless of their interest or location. Follow trains are hashtags that tweeps use to find other tweeps looking for new followers. How it works is, you tweet and include the hashtag (for example #GainWithXtiandela) or you search for tweets with such hashtags and follow those who have retweeted, liked or replied to the tweet and hope they follow back (which they do more than often). This one is fast, you’ll gain depending on your activity(following, retweeting) an average of between 50 – 500 followers a day. The problem with this method is a boring timeline because majority of those who you’ll follow have nothing else to tweet about rather than just tweet or retweet more follow train tweets.

So, that is basically it, simple, right? Twitter is more interesting when you follow interesting tweeps who are funny, inspiring, informative and up-to-date. So, get those followers whichever way and tweet away. If you need help with gaining followers, tweet me at @techieKE email us and we will be glad to help.

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