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How to Download Torrent Files with Internet Download Manager (IDM)

How to Download Torrent Files with Internet Download Manager (IDM)

We all can agree downloading files via Torrent is much slower compared to IDM, or any other Download Manager. Most workspaces or institutions have torrent clients blocked on their network. Converting such files to Direct Downloads helps you such restrictions.

It’s such a bummer when you finally get a file you’ve been searching for only to find it has one or two seeders. Downloading such a file with IDM ensures you get the maximum as the as the Torrent Converters gets such files and cache them on their servers, ensuring you get the best speeds when trying to download them.

Another advantage of using a Torrent Converter is anonymity. Whenever you download a file with a Torrent Client, you are basically exposed to all the trackers out there. Downloading with IDM masks you since you’re getting the files from a different, probably private server.

Below are three options for you use to download Torrent Files directly using any Download Manager. All also allows you to play media files directly without having to download them! How awesome is that!

1. Zbigz


Zbigz torrent caching site has been around for a while now and has served us diligently. Zbigz gives you two options; free and paid. With a Free account,  you can only download files at a maximum speed of 150KBps and the must not exceed 1GB in size. Premium Account removes all the limitations.

To use Zbigz to get direct download link of torrent, uplaod it or paste it’s magnet link on zbigz website,  give it a moment to cache, then Click on Transfer button. and that’s it!

Visit Zbigz

2.  Boxopus


Boxopus uploads your torrent files on to Google Drive Cloud servers giving you tremendous speeds when downloading. To make it even better, you have a 10GB Quota to use for free, whih refills hourly. Although they have premium options, by just creating a free account with them should be enough for usual daily downloads of movies, music, softwares, etc. Boxopus goes a step further and offers you a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Visit Boxopus

3. Seedr

Seedr, my favorite makes torrents near-instantly accessible on the cloud for you to play, download or just collect content you want for you. To pload files on Seedr is pretty much straight forward, just sign up, copy the torrent link (or even just the URL of the page where the torrent is!), paste it inside the area that says “paste torrent URL” then press enter, and the torrent will be available for download — and streaming once it’s done caching.

See gives you a 2GB Quota for a free account, with premium options for heavy users.

Visit Seedr

Of course that’s not all the torrent caching websites out there, but with these, you’ll be good if you want to uninstall your Torrent Client and get down to just IDM. Other options include:

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