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Court halts merger of public universities.

Court halts merger of public universities.

The merger of 38 public universities which was proposed by the Education CS, Professor Magoha will take long after the court brought the process into a halt not until different stakeholders agree over several issues.

During her ruling, Lady Justice Maurine Onyango requested the Ministry of Education to reach out to University Academic Staff Union (UASU) for a consultation right before proceeding with the planned process.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has expressed optimism in that his docket will strive to bring the merger process to fruition regardless of how long it will take.

Justice Onyango said that she was not trying to obstruct the progress of the merger. She added that the stakeholders needed time to agree on issues that have always caused a fissure in the education sector, after which the process can continue.

UASU, through lawyer Titus Koceyo, talked about reconsidering the idea before the implementation of the same can be laid in place.

“A conservatory order as prayed by lawyer Koceyo for UASU is hereby issued against the respondents whether by themselves, their servants and or agents or whomsoever is acting on their behalf from implementing the budget statement for the year 2019/2020 on merging and shutting down of public universities without the inclusion of the union,” Read a section of Justice Onyango’s ruling.

According to UASU, the merger would complicate the courses taken by students and it would, to some extent, throw learning into a state of disorder.

Justice Onyango said the merger will lead to loss of employment after it gains ground.

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